Stephanie Waters Cosmetic Brows Services


Feathertouch brows  - $900 + GST

​Ombre brows - $900 + GST

​Combination brows - $900 + GST

Adjustment appointment 6 -12 weeks later - complimentary


Any additional adjustment appointments within 12 weeks of complimentary appointment - $150 + GST

Colour boost  - $500 + GST


​Clients with previous tattoo work performed by other technicians are asked to send through a photo before making an appointment.  It cannot be guaranteed that all previously tattooed brows will be suitable to be reworked. If this is the case, you may be referred for tattoo removal.


Lips and Eyes

Full Lip Tattoo - $900 + GST

​Adjustment appointment 6 -12 weeks later - complimentary

Babyliner/Lash Enhancement - top lid only - $500 (incl gst)

​Babyliner/Lash Enhancement - bottom only - $350 (incl gst) 

​Babyliner/Lash Enhancement - top and bottom - $650 (incl gst)



All tattoo removal procedures start at $200 + GST per session. At the first session, a small bottle of essential healing oil must be purchased for $40, which will be used for all sessions.

​This is a non-laser removal process done with saline, it is perfect for those who are unhappy with their previously tattooed brows which may be too dark, over-saturated or incorrectly shaped.

​Small body tattoos are also perfect for saline removal.