Stephanie Waters Brows FAQ

The journey to your perfect brow...

The cosmetic tattoo process involves two (2) appointments. Appointments are a one-on-one boutique experience, designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in a highly private home studio setting.


Part 2: Procedure

When all aspects are considered - it is time to proceed with the design process. This will involve drawing and designing directly on to the skin. I will also wax your eyebrows in preparation.  I will continue collaborating with you throughout the process to ensure you are happy and confident with the design, then the exciting part, tattooing of your brand-new beautiful brows gets underway!   

You will be surprised how quickly this time goes! You may even take a quick nap or use the time to bond with me over brows. Once our time together is complete, we will discuss your after-care, provide you with an after-care salve and a brochure of important information about the healing process for you to take home.  The time for your next appointment (a follow-up scheduled approximately 8-12 weeks later) will be confirmed before you head off to show off your new brows!

Stephanie Waters Studio

Part 3: Follow up

Welcome back to the studio for treatment two (2), approximately 8-12 weeks after your initial procedure. This follow-up appointment is complimentary and involves my cosmetic artist inspection and review of your brows, an assessment of their healing and any touch-ups or finer details required. This process is approximately a one (1) hour timeframe. 

It may be so that there is nothing requiring a touch up or adjustment, though it is still very important to engage in this part of the process to both assess your healing and take notes for your personnel file. For example, this assessment will determine how to treat your future colour boosts. 

Once again, in closing, we will discuss your next follow-up (some 1-2 years later) for a colour treatment and then you are permanently on your way to your new brow life!